Anatomy of a
Sales Transformation: 
An In-Depth
Case Study

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Anatomy of a Sales Transformation:
An In-Depth Case Study

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In the pages of our “Anatomy of a Sales Transformation: An In-Depth Client Case Study” we describe the story of how RedCard Solutions adapted our coaching methodology to our client’s opportunity management system empowering our client’s ability to transform their on-boarding process and accelerating the selling motion of 46 newly-hired highly-experienced quota carrying Account Executives. The Result: our client achieved their objectives of improving all facets of on-boarding newly-hired hi-potential quota carrying Account Executives, and included for the first time in the company’s history that a newly-hired Account Executive (a +20 years IT Solutions Industry sales veteran having worked at one of the leading global IT equipment manufacturers) achieved President’s Club in their first year of employment. The Account Executive finished at 122% of revenue quota ($11M) and 130% of Gross Profit quota.

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