Case Study:
Enterprise Information Management Provider

Case Study - Enterprise Information Management

Client Situation

A rapidly growing Enterprise Information Management solutions provider grooming themselves as an acquisition target was challenged with continuing to ramp profitable revenue. To control cost of sales, it was critical to ensure effective utilization and allocation of resources for maximum ROI. For the Sales force, this meant ensuring Subject Matter Expert pre-sales resources where allocated to the right "Must-Win" opportunities that would support consistent scalable, repeatable growth.

Client Challenges

As a growing company, our client found they were treating every sales opportunity with the same level of priority. Opportunities where pursued without regard for their level of viability, fit, and/or qualification. The Sales Team lacked any methodology for identifying "ideal" opportunities that would support scalable repeatable growth.

The result was limited Subject Matter Expert pre-sales resources being prematurely deployed and embroiled in inadequately qualified customer/prospect sales opportunities. Sales Leadership had become frustrated with Strategic Sales Reps taking far too long to make qualified business cases justifying: deployed resources, why it made sense to pursue specific opportunities, and what was needed to win a given opportunity with respect to required resources and next-step requirements, and no way of differentiating, developing, or justifying "Must-Win" opportunities.

The Impact

The lack of a consistent method for differentiating, developing, and justifying "Must-Win" opportunities, combined with taking too long to recognize resources were being deployed on opportunities that didn't support consistent scalable repeatable growth, had put the company's growth objectives at risk. The negative impact to cost of sales in general, and to specifically the cost of resourcing winning game plans for any "Must-Win" opportunities, was becoming astronomical. The client's desired rate of profitable growth was at risk, and the window for being a viable acquisition target was closing.

RedCard Solution Approach

To maximize "Must-Win" opportunity differentiation and development, the RedCard team helped the client define the "Anatomy of a Win" to mirror ideal opportunity qualification parameters that would support scalable repeatable growth.

To drive key "Must-Win" opportunity development, and raise the dialog to higher levels within target customer/prospect executive hierarchy, RedCard deployed a straight-forward practical process enabling the client's Sales Team to understand and align their offering to the components of a target prospect's business vision and the desired business outcomes (e.g., solve a problem and/or seize an opportunity). Through this approach, the client's Sales Team established higher degrees of resonant solution value to support larger deals.

To control cost of sales, and ensure effective utilization and allocation of Subject Matter Expert pre-sales resources for maximum ROI, RedCard implemented a practical, easy to use, innovative opportunity management process that resulted in highly effective resource allocation. 

  • Helping the Sales Team identify where and with whom the keys to each individual opportunity really resided

  • Establishing the most realistic timeframe for each individual deal to close

  • Defining what exactly needed to occur to optimize the likelihood of winning each specific deal 

  • Enabling Team collaborate on game planning to advance qualified opportunities along faster in the sales process 

  • Enabling Sales Leadership's ability to identify key "Must-Win" high growth opportunities

  • Exposing much earlier in the sales cycle which opportunities - not - to pursue

  • Enabling Sales Leadership's ability to consistently prioritize resources to accelerate key "Must-Win" high growth opportunities to close

The client continues to utilize RedCard's approach and principles as part of their core selling practices. In addition to achieving their growth projections, the client was successfully acquired by a multi-billion dollar company.

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