Industry Expertise

With complex sales expertise spanning 60+ industries, RedCard translates our clients' core competencies into innovative competitive advantages to capture opportunities their competition cannot. Whether you are a multi-billion dollar global company or an emerging business, RedCard has the proven ability to improve client revenue capture efficiency and velocity, regardless of client size, product mix, or industry.

Industry Expertise

Application Service Providers 
Business Analytics
Business Appraisal Services
Business Process Reengineering 
Business Process Outsourcing 
Capital Equipment 
Classified Military Programs 
Clean Room 
Cloud Storage
Cloud Hosting
Cloud Computing
Connected Devices/IoT
Content Distribution Networks 
Data Management
Data Storage 
Digital Signal Processing 
Document Control 

Electronic Manufacturing
Enterprise Information Mgmt.
Enterprise Storage Solutions
Federal Government
Financial Services 
Food & Beverage 
Fuel Cells 
GPS/Navigation Systems
Hi-Tech Manufacturing 
Human Resources Outsourcing 
Internet Services 
Internet Marketing 
Management Consulting 
Marketing Platforms 
Material Handling 
Meat Packing 
Medical Device
Mobile Marketing 
Networking Equipment 

Optical Communications
Patient Monitoring Devices
Physical Commodities
Print Advertising 
Process Manufacturing
Power Generation 
Search Engines 
Solar Energy
State and Local Government
Systems Integration Consulting 
Trading & Risk Management
Vacuum Filtration 
Video Encoding 
Video on Demand 
Voice over IP

Your Partner - in the field

The ability to successfully compete in today's innovative connected markets demands more than simply introducing new products and services. Innovation and connectivity are changing how we view what’s possible, and drives many businesses to rethink how they will deliver transforming business outcomes to the markets they serve. With markets evolving at breakneck speed, the ability to adapt and become part of your customer’s evolving business vision is the key to success.

With RedCard, our clients benefit from a partner that provides objective insight across the client's entire competitive landscape, a partner with market leading expertise in not just one domain but across 60+ industries. In an era where virtually every business is rethinking everything from product strategy, to new business models, to how they position value, to even rethinking their business vision, RedCard is able to leverage broad cross-industry expertise to provide the objectivity and creative expertise our clients require to sell into new and changing market paradigms. RedCard uniquely enables clients with objective visionary insight to identify, develop, and win opportunities their competition cannot.

Explore our example industry case studies, and learn more about our consistent ability to drive tangible business outcomes for our clients.

Case Studies