Case Study:
Cloud Solutions Provider

Case Study - Cloud Solutions Provider

Client Situation

A growing global mission-critical Cloud Solutions infrastructure and consulting services provider had recruited the Best-of-Breed Sales Reps to accelerate their growth ramp. As the company grew, both customer implementations and the number of new marquee logo prospect opportunities grew. Resource prioritization became critical to ensure new customer satisfaction, and the ability to support capturing new marquee logos.

Client Challenges

The client's rapid success resulted in resource demand outstripping supply due to no method for triaging and prioritizing every Sales Rep's need for Subject Matter Expert and other pre-sales resources. Every request for resources had "high-priority" resulting in nothing getting prioritized - versus - prioritized based on the viability and/or state of qualification of any prospective new customer opportunity.

With many new Best-of-Breed Sales Reps, the client realized they lacked a collaboration platform to not only share best practices of what is working and what is not, but to also define the "Right" marquee logo targets and how to consistently beat their competition.

Frustration progressed from the CEO down to the Sales Reps, and ranged from no quantified tangible visibility into when any specific "Must-Win" deal was closing to "I need resources now, and we'll lose this deal if I don’t get them."

The Impact

Lack of ability to prioritize resource deployment was interpreted as lack of resources at the company. The client felt employees were starting to question the viability of the company, and the new Best-of-Breed Sales Reps were wondering if they had made the right move. The client felt they were slipping from rapid growth into a lot of speculative chatter and no real selling; all of which put the client's new marquee logo customer capture and growth objectives at risk.

RedCard Solution Approach

To accelerate growth, RedCard's approach focused on coaching the Sales Team on how to combine solid sales fundamentals, innovative sales strategy, and aggressive execution to help customers succeed in achieving their business outcomes.

To ensure the Sales Team pursued the "Right" opportunities, RedCard helped connect the dots by collaborating with the client to define the "Anatomy of a Win" which greatly accelerated targeting and qualification triage of new marquee logo prospect opportunities.

To drive larger deals, RedCard coached the Sales Team on how to create high-degree of business vision alignment with customers by connecting client solution value to desired customer business outcomes.

To control more effectively deployment of resources, RedCard implemented a practical, easy to use, innovative opportunity management process. RedCard helped the client achieve highly effective resource allocation and Team collaboration. Everyone from the client's CEO, to Engineering, Finance, and Sales locked-in on "Must-Win" opportunities to support game planning, and deal closure plan creation and execution all resulting in rapid client success.

Since RedCard began their engagement, the client has successfully retained 100% of their Top Producer Sales Reps, and has continued to attract additional Top Talent to both the Sales and Engineering Teams.

The client achieved their growth objectives, and added new marquee logos to their growing customer list, all of which supported the client successfully being acquired.

Now the client has asked RedCard to focus on strategy and execution on selected strategic accounts that demand innovative solutions and expert navigation through sales channels and manufacturers.

According to the client, RedCard has been instrumental in the client's continued growth through tough times. The client anticipates even greater growth and success after being successfully acquired with RedCard's new focus on strategic accounts and reinforcing Red Card's highly effective, results-oriented sales practices with the Sales Force.

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