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Today's innovative connected markets are evolving at breakneck speed.

Are you helping your customers connect the dots fast enough? 

No matter what company you sell for, or compete against, a sales force has the power to transform industries. Since 2006, RedCard has been leading a new era of Sales Performance Coaching that integrates you into your client’s business vision.

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Selling smarter,

from Vision to Win.

Since 2006, we've been helping clients sell smarter by unlocking the power of vision driven collaboration to elevate customer dialog. From customer vision to business outcomes, to influencing customer buying criteria and customer perception, RedCard helps clients solve complex selling challenges that drive differentiation and growth in highly competitive markets.

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A Client's Sales Transformation:
An In-Depth Case Study

IT & Cloud Solutions Provider

This Case Study describes how we adapted our coaching methodology to our client’s opportunity management system empowering our client’s ability to transform their on-boarding process and accelerate the selling motion of 46 newly-hired highly-experienced quota carrying Account Executives. The Result: In the first year of the Sales Performance Coaching Program, our client validated we drove +$125M in incremental pipeline, and included for the first time in the client’s history that a newly-hired Account Executive achieved President’s Club in their first year of employment.

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Anatomy of a Win: 
An In-Depth Case Study

Global IT Solutions Distribution

This Case Study describes how we empowered our client's ability to transform their selling motion and take customer relevance to new heights of alignment by accelerating their customer's business strategy. We include examples of how the client transformed their relationship with their largest account, as well as how they won a huge opportunity at a second marquee account. The Result: our client achieved unprecedented 100% top line and 100% bottom line growth in 24 months.

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Case Study:

Business Analytics Provider

When a leading multi-billion dollar Business Analytics provider challenged their New Business Acquisitions Team to improve qualifying and closing rates associated with adding both new logos and increasing wallet share in existing accounts, RedCard deployed a straight-forward practical process to achieve greater alignment with a target prospect's business vision and their desired business outcomes. Result: the New Business Acquisitions Team overachieved all assigned growth metrics.

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Case Study:

Cloud Solutions Provider

After a growing global mission-critical Cloud Solutions infrastructure and consulting services provider had recruited a new set of Best-of-Breed Sales Reps to accelerate their growth ramp, they turned to RedCard to help them drive larger deals, and accelerate targeting and qualification triage of new marquee logo prospect opportunities, all while improving prioritized resource deployment.

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Case Study:

Enterprise Information Management

A rapidly growing Enterprise Information Management solutions provider grooming themselves as an acquisition target was challenged with continuing to ramp profitable revenue by effective utilization and allocation of limited Subject Matter Expert pre-sales resources. Learn how RedCard enabled the client’s Sales Leadership to accelerate key "Must-Win" high growth opportunity identification and development, and consistently prioritize resources to accelerate them to close.

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your value.

Selling into a changing world can challenge the best companies. At RedCard, we view change as huge opportunity for our clients to gain uncontested market share. Through the RedCard platform, our clients benefit from distinct advantages like:

• Enhance visibility into customer perception and decision making
• Maximize differentiated solution alignment with your customer's business vision and desired business outcomes
• Increase ability to align deal specific messaging to differentiate your unique value
• Ensure the "Right" opportunities are being pursued
• Increase Team collaboration across the org chart
• Optimize Leadership's Coach to Win ability
• Optimize prioritized deployment of Pre-Sales resources
• Improve "Must-Win" closure rates
• Ensure Top Performers retention

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Your Partner

in the field.

RedCard supports clients in the field on real deals - right now.  We help clients in the field drive comprehensive perspective, insight, and objectivity necessary to win opportunities their competitors cannot.

With broad expertise crossing 60+ industries, we are able to translate our innovative Sales Performance Coaching methodology into repeatable competitive advantage, providing strategic and in-the-field tactical coaching services, complex deal coaching and management capabilities, and more for clients.

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Practical Tools

Innovative Concepts

Contact us to learn how RedCard can help accelerate your Sales Organization's success in today's innovative connected world.

We deploy practical tools, and innovative concepts that are easily adopted by high-performance sales teams selling complex solutions into highly competitive markets. 

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